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The soap opera aka reality show

I dont watch reality TV-definitely not the Indian ones.

Rakhi or Pam or Akshay Kumar or Amitabh Bachchan do not touch my lives through the small screen, Thank God! But hard as  I may try, they are all around me. They are in my morning paper in the form of lawsuits, they are at work-the only topic of discussion in my colleagues in recent time. In fact, without watching one scene, I know as much Big Boss as the next person, atleast enough to provide conversational fodder.

Every body seems to watch it. More importantly, everybody thinks others are weird for watching it and they are watching it for just the comedy it provides.

Hence concluded,lewd sells! masala sells! and nonsensical tears sell!

No matter how righteous you want to sound, you are secretly catching glimpse of these shows, reading about them in paper and wondering how Dolly Bindra dares to use curse words.

Imagine Rakhi giving Insaaf to people or Ashmit Patel making passes at some one (I forget the name). Why do people want to watch it? Why do we empathise with Rahul and think the girl is so lucky for marrying him, when all that happened on screen is shameless selling of self by a lady who married a guy who hit his first wife and divorced and was on drugs.

Apparently someone in Masterchef India forgot salt in their cooking. How believable is this blunder by the top amateur cooks of India? How can we actually watch a tv serial in the form of reality show?

Am I saying other countries don’t orchestrate their “reality tv”? No. I congratulate them for not leaving the taste of over cooked soap opera with us.

TV Producers- two sincere appeals!

Firstly, Please don’t take a concept, over do it, and kill it so badly that it becomes a pain in the wrong place!

Secondly, if at all you need to do the above- think about things you add to bring in Masala. Pamela is 43. She is no longer hot with just a towel, innumerable botoxes and implants and hair transplants! Atleast get your money’s worth and get someone better than that!


Thinking Animal to Unthinking Human

One of the earlier episodes of “Two and Half Men” had the kid Jake and his girlfriend chatting online, even though they are in the same room. That was a reality recently for me, when I saw two kids cross each other on road, screaming “See you online in a minute da!” and zapping off without even looking at each other.

Today’s conversations are peppered with humour from movies, gossips on people’s lives through tweets and facebook – be it celebrity or your neighbour. What has disappeared out of these arguments is debates on philosophy (which has become a evil word) or politics or books or society – in short, any original contribution!

There was a time when parents worried that kids would become couch potatoes and banned TV.Then came computer and parents were amazed by this source of knowledge that their kids mastered in minutes, as they fumbled around its “Technology”. Therefore, not realizing couch potatoes were becoming Keyboard potatoes, parents encouraged this learning machine(!!)

Then slowly this machine morphed  and grew. Like all good technological advancements, it has exploded in its capacity and ability. And Generations X Y and Z were created, which were born with mouse in one hand and mobile in another.

So what happened was text became txt and reading became rdng. So what? You may ask. How does it affect anyone? I will tell you what I see. I have seen people who have graduated yet cannot form a coherent sentence for an on the spot conversation/small talk. All their convent schooling gone to waste after years of consistent texting and chatting.

Kids sing the cinema song they hear without missing a beat, and their parents beam without bothering about the lyrics’ obscenity. These kids  cannot do a fractions problem without “mugging” the example sum.They study their English texts as they read their science books. Parents are not alarmed as long as the kids PASS the exams.

I can only wistfully recall the times I used to get the non-detailed textbook “Mayor of Casterbridge” one day and finish reading it before school opens and read the Tamil textbooks and admire the beautiful poems that they put in there.

All this brings me to my original reason to begin the post- BOOK READING!

As real books morph to ebooks and summary and synopsis and notes and samples, that can be “GOOGLED”, have students stopped thinking? Who goes to libraries any more? Even if they do go to book fairs and libraries, who buys/rents books other than “Mills & Boon” kinds/popular reads that have to be read (so that they can show off on facebook message)?

Facebook’s Wall of scribble has become a wall that blocks thinking capacity, reading, playing or any other activity that requires you to move out of your place. 

Speaking of books, I am reading Glass Palace now. Last I read was Motor Cycle Diaries a month ago! What was the last book you read and WHEN?

Books are lovely, heavy and deep..

But I have a schedule to keep!

Facebook and Twitter before I sleep

Facebook and Twitter before I sleep!

– 😀

General wonderment of a blocked writer

Sometimes I wonder if whatever I write is worth atleast the time I spend typing them out.

Could it be that the spark is dead and all I am trying to kindle is the darkness itself?

Journal – At the fag end of a trip that I dreaded

Distance does make heart grow fonder. It puts on rose colored spectacles in front of your eyes. Right now, I want all of my friends, to be here, in this part of the lonely planet that I am. However once I get back in the crowd, I will be lost. Too busy to miss anyone, too worried to celebrate the love that I have with this amazing person, too tired to celebrate the life that I have -moving from moment to moment in automation.

As I think back, I should conclude that I have had a good trip here. Apart from the fact that I am still not getting used to the eerie silence and loneliness, I think the adventure has been good. First of all it has gotten me out of this fear of foreign places and people which I never expected to get over(but I am seeing progress here); Second of all, I now know whom all I really miss; Third of all I have been to these places and met these people whom I would not have met.

I saw a dead raccoon on the road yesterday. I have eaten Italian, Mexican, Indian, American, Vietnamese, Greek cuisines here. I made friends out of people who were just colleagues few weeks ago.

I have not done all things that one should do on his/her visit to America. But atleast, I have drank Starbucks coffee, shopped at Walmart, ate frozen food, saw American football  and thus, in my own small way lived an American life.

I also missed my family terribly, made some weird odd timed calls to my friends in India, missed Indian food so terribly that I got frozen Indian food, got uncomfortable with toilet papers and cribbed about enormous tips that we are expected to give,mentally calculated all purchases to Indian currency and thus in my own small way lived the Indian in America life.

I had the good luck of getting some good friends in a place I thought none existed. I had a very generous colleague who took me to places where I would not have gone otherwise. I had people being nice to me opening doors, greeting with a smile and making me less petrified than when I started.

Just few more days of this and I will be back where I truly belong. I just hope that sanity will prevail and remind me to appreciate what I am missing here right now.

My Crib on CWG

These are sensitive times…times of national shame.. Yes! I am talking about the Common wealth games fiasco.. When Delhi Metro was built like eons ago (to make Delhi CWG-ready, everyone heralded it  as a foresighted activity.. Then the construction came crashing down..Everyone woke up to the corruption in Delhi Metro.

No eyebrows raised by any of us on – if Commonwealth games are going okay.. It was too early to think about it.

Then the scandal hit us months ago, about the money that was swallowed by companies, individuals, politicians.. Even then we did not think about if the money is in the pocket, then what is on ground? Then there is the crash of overbridge, the toilet shame and to top it off nicely, the statement by an OFFICIAL SPOKESPERSON , to the world, saying “Our standards of hygeine are lower than yours”.

Why don’t we top off the statement by saying “We still are snakecharmers and elephants country”.  Just when the world was seeing the side of the Shining India, Growing India, Incredible India and Aamir Khan is on screen teaching the commoners “Athithi Devo Bhava”, looks like the lesson should have been taught to an altogether different audience – the officials.

Now media, bloggers like me and you, we are all screaming foul.. Atheletes are dropping in… We are less prepared than Glasgow who are going to host this next time. Even now, Government is all about covering up..

And till couple of weeks, all we were worried was about terrorist attacks on CWG.

I think India will win all medals this time in CWG. I am not sure if any other country is going to be competing at all.

I am sure this will not be the award winning blog post or most forwarded story about CWG.  As a matter of fact, it won’t make one bit of difference. At least I joined the 10000000000000s of  unapproving head nods, which say “I told you so” without having “told so” before.

So, when is the bid for Olympics coming up?