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Hasta La Vista

July 31, 2011

I have decided to stop writing here.

I will be continuing on a fresh slate somewhere else. I have made the decision to not write the address down here..

In case you know me, please email me and I will send in the address if possible.

It was a pleasure writing here, but this is a burden I have decided to download and not look back.

Thanks for being here..


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  1. anonymous permalink

    hey, what does it take to be a member of the elite club that gets the link? i am very much interested to be a member please pass on the conditions and rules 🙂

  2. Good luck with the new venture. Wherever – do keep blogging! 😀

  3. Burden? Why? But why, madam?!! 😦

  4. Ahh! I was glad that at least you had your blog at the same address for a while! Now you too… ?! Don’t join this party… 😦
    Okay, I calmed down… You need to tell me the URL…! 🙂

  5. hi…u do not know me….and i have not been reading ur blog since forever…i found it recently…and accidently while i was blog hopping….i have never left a comment before….but since this is ur last post…..have read almost all ur posts till date & have loved every single one of them…the language used is simple & beautiful! i would love to get the link to ur new blog….but wud understand if u dont share the same…since u do not know me! Thanks 4 providing some gud reads….my favorite was all the alphabets talking 🙂 Bye!

  6. Free thinker permalink

    I missed this blog way too much to leave it alone for the new year..
    The posts have been moved to

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