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Margazhi Thingal!

December 16, 2010

Today starts the month of margazhi! This month is considered to be the time to be austere and spend time in focusing on God and hence not favourable for any other activities.

For me, this month is associated with the 30 days Thirupavai viradham, when I read the thirupavai and go to temple and pray first thing in morning at 5:30 am. Then have the hot pongal prasadam and be back by 6:30 am. (Can’t believe that I am the person who did all that, now waking up at 5:30 am is a dream by itself)

Missing that tradition here.. With gymming added I cannot take bath go to temple, then get to gym sweat it out and then bath again, with the cold weather being what it is!

So I will have to do a late morning prayer..

One of my favorite stanzas

வையத்து வாழ்வீர்காள்! நாமும் நம் பாவைக்குச்
செய்யும் கிரிசைகள் கேளீரோ, பாற்கடலுள்
பையத் துயின்ற பரமனடி பாடி
நெய்யுண்ணோம் பாலுண்ணோம் நாட்கள் நீராடி
மையிட்டு எழுதோம் மலரிட்டு நாம் முடியாம்
செய்யாதன செய்யோம் தீக்குறளை சென்று ஓதோம்
ஐய்யமும் பிச்சையும் ஆந்தனையும் கைகாட்டி
உய்யுமாறு எண்ணி உகந்து ஏல் ஓர் எம்பாவாய்.
“Apologies to my non tamil blog mates”

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  1. anonymous permalink

    @the stanza from thiruppavai
    here is a translation:
    [the context is that thiruppavai is written by Andal who is a devotee of lord krishna who assumes the lord krishna to be a romantic interest and prays to goddess Paavai for her getting a choice husband and a happy married life]
    O, people of this world,
    Listen to the penances that we perform daily for worshiping Goddess Pavai,
    We will sing of those holy feet of the one who sleeps in the ocean of milk [lord vishnu],
    We will not partake of the very tasty ghee,
    We will avoid the health giving milk,
    We will bathe daily before the dawn,
    We will not wear any collyrium to the eye,
    We will not adorn our head with flowers,
    We will not do anything that is forbidden,
    We will not speak ill of anyone,
    We will give alms and be as philanthropic as possible
    We will do our best to alleviate others’ sorrow
    And worship our Goddess Paavai.
    For the interested, the following pdf is a comprehensive read on this:

  2. Wow… good to learn about this. Hope you have a spiritual month nevertheless. 🙂

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