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Random Notes

December 15, 2010

Hitting Gym this week on.. 3 full days of success so far! My calves beg to differ on the success part..

Lesson of the Week – No outing is better than mismanaged outing (Note from a bad Tuesday)

What makes some types of food desirable is the fact that it is forbidden (Fall out of Gym restrictions). My dietician suggests I cut on sugar, oil, coffee and outside food. Misery aptly describes the feeling I felt at that moment

Badly cooked food, Rain time pakoras, hot oil baths, Festivals and rituals related to it are all reminders of home for me. But nothing like a good head cold and sinus infection to make me miss Mom. I miss that magic concoction that is terrible to drink but gives “Instant Relief”, those vicks with steam inhalation sessions and the spoon of Sukku ( dry ginger) burning away your head while working on your sinuses. Nothing like mom’s care!! 😦 Not even the best efforts by your spouse can equal that.

That’s all for now..


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  1. In for a cold? Hope you’re better now. I couldn’t agree more about how Vicks and rain time pakoras totally spell H-o-m-e.

    Ad good luck with your gym as well. I am sure those calves will agree on the success part if you keep at it long enough. 😉

  2. anonymous permalink

    like they say, the best things in life are illegal, immoral or fattening 😀

    and outings are fun no matter how unorganized they are, if you do some autosuggestion by repeating that often enough – this is why people take turns to ask each other “are you having fun” during offsites

    agree with nothing can quite substitute mom’s care, but a good antipyretic&analgesic combo [not using drug names lest i am accused of quackery 😀 ] will enable one to yearn in better health . Get well soon and blog more! 🙂

  3. Shuba permalink

    @Deboshree Thanks a lot!
    @anon To know about this outing, you should have been in it.. 🙂 Health recovery on way.. Thanks!
    What happened to the facebook request? 😛

  4. anonymous permalink

    oh you got a case of head cold and i got a case of cold feet, trying hard to overcome 🙂

  5. anonymous permalink

    since you mentioned facebook,
    referring facebook and re-reading the gym anecdote, one sinna doubt
    “யாரே அழகுக்கு அழகு செய்வார்” 😀

  6. Shuba permalink


    Thanks! I guess .. :-S

  7. anonymous permalink

    why the confusion for the unabashed admiration 😛

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