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Get Idea ad- Bad Idea?

November 30, 2010

I was watching the latest Idea ad-

They talk about good signal/customer service/reasonable phone bills and say if you want this switch to Idea without changing number. “Mobile Number Portability” coming soon.

Think I am someone frustrated with Airtel/DoCoMo/Vodafone. I want to change my connection provider. I see this ad. Would I switch today? No. I should rather wait till portability comes in, so that I dont have the headache of informing the new number.

Will I change once the portability is implemented? Probably yes, probably no.


a)Customer service of my current connection provider may improve to retain customers

b) I might not feel the problem is as huge as I feel it is now

c) I might find a better provider than Idea.

Just my line of thought. Wonder why Idea didn’t get the idea…


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  1. Sriram R permalink

    Gooood! So, you have proved a DoMS MBA is better than that Marketing MBA fellow who approved that ad πŸ˜›

  2. anonymous permalink

    Nothing makes as convincing an argument for customer loyalty as good old inertia does

    And what can poor Idea do except get some share of mindspace – [which it seems to have done with some whacky advertising concept] and rely on recall value to do the rest

  3. Ranjith V permalink

    By your reasoning, I feel most advertisements will be for nothing. The mind-space and brand recall is the motive. To buy is always a customer’s say…!!!

  4. Shuba permalink

    @Sriram πŸ˜€
    @anonymous and @Ranjith
    I am just saying that this might postpone the impulse to buy for the decision maker and if you have lost the customer today you probably have to bank on luck for them to come back.
    This ad would have been super whacky if mobile portability is out or just about to be out. For most places the expected date is not clear, so there is a chance that I will not change now and a lesser chance that I recall the brand later.
    Mind space to money is a big leap of faith.
    Idea already had good mind space with that Bengali Marathi Haryanvi and Malayali concept.
    Even this same ad, if it does not remind customers that “Mobile NUmber Portability-Coming soon” would be superb.. Only that line tends to curb the impulse to go and change to Idea NOW..

  5. Shuba permalink


    Also, How come you read my blogs and never commenteD?

  6. anonymous permalink

    maybe they just dont have the capacity yet, hence they added that line to make sure demand doesnt overwhelm current supply πŸ˜›

  7. Shuba permalink

    @anon You must be an Ops guy in MBA right.. πŸ˜›

  8. anonymous permalink

    now now is that a derogatory stmt or something, milady πŸ˜€

  9. Shuba permalink

    It is inductive reasoning..

  10. anonymous permalink

    am surprised that after doing ‘Excel’-lent day after day one would still have the inductive reasoning faculty firing on all cylinders

    But, just FYI, even MBA is not right, let alone Ops or otherwise πŸ™‚

  11. Shuba permalink

    This is not the right place to argue! My blog is for comments on blog only πŸ˜€

  12. anonymous permalink

    Oh Oh, And i thought the blogger would’ve been charmed to engage with a loyal reader

    If this isnt the right place, please suggest the right forum

  13. Shuba permalink

    πŸ˜€ I am charm’d.. right forum would be chat/mail/facebook obviously ..that is where we settle our feuds

  14. anonymous permalink

    undeniably, except that i wasnt sure if a fraaanship request from a stranger would be looked upon kindly

  15. anonymous permalink

    or would it

  16. Shuba permalink

    Try it!

  17. anonymous permalink

    ok will do

  18. anonymous permalink

    [fingers crossed]

  19. Ranjith V permalink

    @Shuba: Got this basic disease called laziness. I do enough to just satisfy me. Got interested by ur previous post and so came back. I still disagree with you. You’re exploring possibilities only. But as an Indian cricket viewer, Idea is registered in my mind as a first mover into advertising about number portability- Why? Because they have a better service (They say so:P). Obviously then existing customers will not move away from them. This is targeted at the ones who are not Idea subscribers, but for the ones who don’t get the privilege of Idea service. And I’d say its a bold move. Why? Not a single biggie wanted to sound so convincing about their service and ask others to avail number portability to move to their service.

    All this ends with a caveat. “Reality is far from advertising”. An enabled customer will never choose products from ad. And am no Idea brand loyal. Its complete yuck beginning from the yellow color to Abhishek Bachan to almost all the ads… What a useless IDEA sirjee…:P

  20. Three reasons not to change your current SP.

    a)Customer service of my current connection provider may improve to retain customers

    MNP is a classic paradox. Customer service of your current service provider may improve to retain customers. But then again, they also might be expecting lost customers to replaced by new customers (who are dissatisfied with their existing mobile connections). So in the long term, don’t see much change in the service levels. The only thing which the customer may benefit from is a further price reduction in tariffs or new value-adds to lure new customers.

    b) I might not feel the problem is as huge as I feel it is now
    Apathy – is the Indian citizen’s birthright and you shall have it.

    c) I might find a better provider than Idea.
    The grass is always greener on the other side.

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