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The soap opera aka reality show

November 19, 2010

I dont watch reality TV-definitely not the Indian ones.

Rakhi or Pam or Akshay Kumar or Amitabh Bachchan do not touch my lives through the small screen, Thank God! But hard as  I may try, they are all around me. They are in my morning paper in the form of lawsuits, they are at work-the only topic of discussion in my colleagues in recent time. In fact, without watching one scene, I know as much Big Boss as the next person, atleast enough to provide conversational fodder.

Every body seems to watch it. More importantly, everybody thinks others are weird for watching it and they are watching it for just the comedy it provides.

Hence concluded,lewd sells! masala sells! and nonsensical tears sell!

No matter how righteous you want to sound, you are secretly catching glimpse of these shows, reading about them in paper and wondering how Dolly Bindra dares to use curse words.

Imagine Rakhi giving Insaaf to people or Ashmit Patel making passes at some one (I forget the name). Why do people want to watch it? Why do we empathise with Rahul and think the girl is so lucky for marrying him, when all that happened on screen is shameless selling of self by a lady who married a guy who hit his first wife and divorced and was on drugs.

Apparently someone in Masterchef India forgot salt in their cooking. How believable is this blunder by the top amateur cooks of India? How can we actually watch a tv serial in the form of reality show?

Am I saying other countries don’t orchestrate their “reality tv”? No. I congratulate them for not leaving the taste of over cooked soap opera with us.

TV Producers- two sincere appeals!

Firstly, Please don’t take a concept, over do it, and kill it so badly that it becomes a pain in the wrong place!

Secondly, if at all you need to do the above- think about things you add to bring in Masala. Pamela is 43. She is no longer hot with just a towel, innumerable botoxes and implants and hair transplants! Atleast get your money’s worth and get someone better than that!


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  1. Sri permalink

    How can we all live without reality TV? Not happening, Shuba.
    The pathetic thing is our reality has become so boring that we now need the “reality” TV to give us any real meaning to our really meaningless life.
    I watch different kinda reality shows here and I cringe to even think that India has now its own brand of “dating reality shows” in regional languages. OMG, what will happen to our parents? The kids will be fine, though… 😛
    I am still surprised that the “protectors” of Indian culture have not attacked and killed the contestants. I hope that never happens but one can never be sure in a country like India where most people worry about preserving the Indian culture in the hearts of the girls next door than themselves.
    Maybe this kinda “reality” check is helpful to those closed minded people. ***Tried hard to find the silver lining *** 🙂

  2. Good attempt! But do you think this is gonna open closed minds or close open minds

  3. Sri permalink

    I haven’t watched any of those Indian dating shows and nor am I in close contact with anyone who watches these shows on an everyday basis. I am not sure how this will affect the minds of the viewers. Alright, I accept I live under a rock.

    But I think “protectors” of Indian culture should be exposed to shocking “reality” . I am sure dating is now common in India and yet the “protectors” would never acknowledge that. They need to be exposed to as much of filth as possible in TV so that when they encounter stuff like “Dating” in real life they would not/cannot act like it is an abnormality. As long as the “protectors” get shocked, I would say that reality TV is not entirely a waste of time.

  4. anonymous permalink

    rumour has it that post 9pm car traffic on arterial roads is eased by these shows – most dark clouds have silver lining you know 😀

  5. Sri permalink

    WOW … Benefits of living in a world where reality TV is fake, lemonade is artificial and soap has real lemon!

  6. Sri permalink

    @Shuba – We strongly oppose your views regarding Pamela. We are the members of the Pamela Anderson Reputation Protection Society.
    And we are also the members of the Indian culture and Botox culture protection societies.

    Our Motto:
    while (1) { protect concepts ; destroy people; }

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