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General wonderment of a blocked writer

November 8, 2010

Sometimes I wonder if whatever I write is worth atleast the time I spend typing them out.

Could it be that the spark is dead and all I am trying to kindle is the darkness itself?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Oh the darkness could be dispelled by mere effort to narrate the events of the day and not necessarily write only of stronger views
    And who would know it better than the ones who refresh the bookmark all the time hoping for the block to have been overcome

  2. U r right more coming…

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Much Obliged.
    Shall await with bated breath.

  4. Sri permalink

    My Thinking: It is always worth writing when we write it for ourselves rather than trying hard to come up with something to entertain/educate the masses. We want to read your thoughts… and you are doing a good job here.

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