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Journal – At the fag end of a trip that I dreaded

October 17, 2010

Distance does make heart grow fonder. It puts on rose colored spectacles in front of your eyes. Right now, I want all of my friends, to be here, in this part of the lonely planet that I am. However once I get back in the crowd, I will be lost. Too busy to miss anyone, too worried to celebrate the love that I have with this amazing person, too tired to celebrate the life that I have -moving from moment to moment in automation.

As I think back, I should conclude that I have had a good trip here. Apart from the fact that I am still not getting used to the eerie silence and loneliness, I think the adventure has been good. First of all it has gotten me out of this fear of foreign places and people which I never expected to get over(but I am seeing progress here); Second of all, I now know whom all I really miss; Third of all I have been to these places and met these people whom I would not have met.

I saw a dead raccoon on the road yesterday. I have eaten Italian, Mexican, Indian, American, Vietnamese, Greek cuisines here. I made friends out of people who were just colleagues few weeks ago.

I have not done all things that one should do on his/her visit to America. But atleast, I have drank Starbucks coffee, shopped at Walmart, ate frozen food, saw American football  and thus, in my own small way lived an American life.

I also missed my family terribly, made some weird odd timed calls to my friends in India, missed Indian food so terribly that I got frozen Indian food, got uncomfortable with toilet papers and cribbed about enormous tips that we are expected to give,mentally calculated all purchases to Indian currency and thus in my own small way lived the Indian in America life.

I had the good luck of getting some good friends in a place I thought none existed. I had a very generous colleague who took me to places where I would not have gone otherwise. I had people being nice to me opening doors, greeting with a smile and making me less petrified than when I started.

Just few more days of this and I will be back where I truly belong. I just hope that sanity will prevail and remind me to appreciate what I am missing here right now.


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