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My Crib on CWG

September 23, 2010

These are sensitive times…times of national shame.. Yes! I am talking about the Common wealth games fiasco.. When Delhi Metro was built like eons ago (to make Delhi CWG-ready, everyone heralded it  as a foresighted activity.. Then the construction came crashing down..Everyone woke up to the corruption in Delhi Metro.

No eyebrows raised by any of us on – if Commonwealth games are going okay.. It was too early to think about it.

Then the scandal hit us months ago, about the money that was swallowed by companies, individuals, politicians.. Even then we did not think about if the money is in the pocket, then what is on ground? Then there is the crash of overbridge, the toilet shame and to top it off nicely, the statement by an OFFICIAL SPOKESPERSON , to the world, saying “Our standards of hygeine are lower than yours”.

Why don’t we top off the statement by saying “We still are snakecharmers and elephants country”.  Just when the world was seeing the side of the Shining India, Growing India, Incredible India and Aamir Khan is on screen teaching the commoners “Athithi Devo Bhava”, looks like the lesson should have been taught to an altogether different audience – the officials.

Now media, bloggers like me and you, we are all screaming foul.. Atheletes are dropping in… We are less prepared than Glasgow who are going to host this next time. Even now, Government is all about covering up..

And till couple of weeks, all we were worried was about terrorist attacks on CWG.

I think India will win all medals this time in CWG. I am not sure if any other country is going to be competing at all.

I am sure this will not be the award winning blog post or most forwarded story about CWG.  As a matter of fact, it won’t make one bit of difference. At least I joined the 10000000000000s of  unapproving head nods, which say “I told you so” without having “told so” before.

So, when is the bid for Olympics coming up?


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One Comment
  1. Nothins gonna change!.neither politicians nor official..

    just cover up yar…”mera bharath mahaan”

    isn’t this what we were thought all these years???

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