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Crime and common man!

August 17, 2010

Reading the newspaper is no longer a morning ritual for me.

What I don’t want to start my day with is, murder, abductions, suicides and bloodshed. I am not saying that I don’t care about what is happening around me. However, it is alarming and sad to see crime being the only news that is worth reporting nowadays.

Gone were the days of scams/scandals and foreign dignitaries visits occupying the first page of any respectable newspaper.

While parliament session is on, it is the violence inside that takes the thunder and when it is not on, it is murder/bloodshed of your neighbourhood that steals the show.

Husbands killing wives for reasons as silly of love lost in the relationship ,

A woman kills her fiance, so that she may marry her lover

A man kills his wife, because he wants to marry his colleague or for dowry or for calling him impotent

Lady abducts child of the man who had intercourse and then forcer her to abort her child

– This kind of news shocks me much more than expired drugs or daylight robberies.

Why? Because this shows that crime is no longer what rich reckless people nor desperately poor people do. It is deeply entrenched itself in the class that has built India in previous generations – the middle class, the average Joe or the common Man. Where is the God fearing, law abiding stereo type of middle class India? What has changed that people fear neither the police nor the God. How have people began thinking that we can getaway with what we do?

It is scary to see our future India shaping in the middle of all this.

Talk about your views. What has changed?


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  1. anonymous permalink

    or could it be that since most of the subscriber base is comprised of average joe’s, with intensifying competition, the media moguls figure that covering the activities of the people of this class will help sustain interest/loyalty?
    such crimes as per police records dont really show a remarkable increase, it is the instances of such crimes per newpaper/new show thats gone up. whats shifted seems to be not the behaviour but the spotlight

    • Shuba permalink

      It is an interesting view point.. Though aided by media frenzy, I do not know for sure if crimes in police records have increased or not..
      My point not being that crime rate is up, my point being crime rate by common man is up (apparently), I have no statistics to support / oppose your view point

  2. anonymous permalink

    on an unrelated note, engage with thy loyal visitors and commentors, o venerable blogger

    • Shuba permalink

      My loyal anonymous visitor.. Ur wish fulfilled..

  3. U r right..crimes have been promoted to main pages these days..may be the crime rate has gone up or..readers are more interested in knowing about others’ sufferings..but what can media do than highlight the crimes..if they dont do like in dubai etc..then it is restricting the freedom of speech/journalism..but if the same crime story is positioned like an eye ball grabber..or a masala tid bid then it is really sad on the journalism..Crimes should be treated as crimes and presented the same way…in future we’ll have dedicated channels to report crimes…and some special programs on how not to get caught..some reality shows also in this front…I remem seeing a pakistani reality show which a participant proudly says..he along with his friends gangraped a girl..but the strange part was..the anchor of the show was infuriated when the participant challenged him on something else and not on the heinous crime committed by the participant.. so we’ll get to see such programs..

  4. Sri permalink

    New Posts Please! Don’t forget your readers who want to have a darshan of your thoughts at least every couple of days!

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