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August 13, 2010

No, this is not a history lesson.

Just some thoughts, now that the Independence day coming up.

There are 2 kinds of people whom I get annoyed by around this time. One type abuses the word “freedom” saying – “This is a free country” as a justification for his/her moral transgressions and the other spits upon the past in which he/she had no part, very willing to berate the independence we got with grand statements like “This country would have been better without independence“.

It is easy to think about something that happened 63 years ago from a distance and imagine it as fiction and dismiss it, or pass judgement over it. Most of us willingly do it.

It is easy to say it was stupid to solve this problem this way for something in history, while in reality, we have to be coaxed by wads of notes  (for some) or celebrities (for some ) to go and vote!

So what, you might ask, does freedom mean to me?

For me, it means that I own the piece of land called India, with others of course. I cannot be impassive about how things happen today, because as I rue over the country’s mistakes of past, my future will cry on my present as a mistake. So where I can raise my voice, I will. Where I can cast a vote, I will! Where my opinion is required, I will express it. Where I have the freedom to live the life by  my principles, I will keep in mind the ripple effects of my life on my country. When I meet some one different from the common, I will accept them without condescension/pity.

And though, I am free to do what I want, I will remember  that my freedom to stretch my hands ends where my neighbour’s nose starts!

Happy Independence Day!


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    ‘Independence day’ and Freedom are widely disparate concepts. Agree with your take on freedom. And in any manifestation of freedom, we do need governance mechanisms to enforce common discipline and arbitrate disputes. But the concept of independence as nations talk about is the seeming hand of the commoner in the decision of who rules and an acceptance of a cluster from within which rulers shall be chosen, where the definition of the cluster itself is arbitrary – after all why would some one 3000kms away be agreed upon as part of our group and hence our ruler, whereas someone 30,000 kms away be considered an outsider and hence an oppressor.
    Spatial proximity from, ethnicity of and perception of choice of the rulers notwithstanding, the powerful shall always call the shots, sectarianism shall always be rampant,the meek shall always be oppressed – regularly people speak enthusiastically against these due to a mix of a wishful thinking of a utopia that can never be and a false sense of fulfillment in having been able to concept such a condition – but reality continues to run (not ruin like Calvin says) and we get back to the routine and go on.

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