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Lending Library!

August 1, 2010

Got a library membership today! Feeling pretty pleased with my decision to go ahead and get the membership..

Started with a Jeeves and Chetan Bagat’s “Two States” for starts. Gotta see how much useful it is going to be. Go ahead and suggest real good books that I should read!

Earlier in school times and college times, in home, lending libraries used to be pretty popular. I have vivid memories of getting a random book and getting it finished in jet speed, racing with my sister to be the one to read it fastest!

Tamil, English, Comics, Fiction no bar at all! Any book is acceptable. My Chittappa (uncle) used to recommend books and I used to read the books which he never ventured to recommend either, just seeing him read.

My love for writing, my passion for speed reading, my interest in English, my vocabulary all owe their genesis in these libraries.

It is time to rekindle the passion 🙂
Reader- Be very happy for me!


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Coulds’t thou perchance share the happiness with the reader by sharing the details of the library 🙂

  2. Anonymous permalink

    On book suggestions, going by the jeeves, bhagat genre, this one might fit the bill
    the flippant humor is good though the author could have probably been a wee bit less liberal in his use of swear words and profanities, but then again maybe it aint too much for a 2010 release
    Please share views if you do get to read it

  3. Shuba permalink

    Prove thy worthiness, oh reader , and share thy identity!

    And Bhagat is not my genre at all.. I hate him.. I read his books in a search for what sense do so many people find in the meaningless nonsense that he is or if I am the only retard who does not catch the magic in his script!

    • anonymous permalink

      on bhagat: agree totally… his books are the masala genre with all the wrong spices 🙂 considering plum and CB were mentioned in the same sentence, I supposed that humor/desperate attempts at it were both acceptable stuff to thee

      on identity: whats in a name, milady, i wouldnt be any more or any less sweet no matter what the name is 🙂

      • Shuba permalink

        It will be more clear, sweetness is not the point 😀

    • Sri permalink

      Writers like Bhagat give hope to people like me that even we can write pages of nonsense and call it a novel. 🙂 I try to think of cleverer twists and endings for his awfully boring novels. Good time pass.. And yeah, good to know you are back to reading! I understand your excitement! Enjoy this period…

      Reading a Bhagat book is as close to feeling the magic of a Vijay movie. Full mass, No class. Everybody understands but there is nothing worth of substance to be understood.

      Delightful simpleton, this Bhagat. He caters to the mindless readers. Stay FAR away from him if you want to retain your brain cells.

      • Shuba permalink

        And I think he gives hope for guys who want to join IITs and IIMs that may be we will also get to make out with the first hot girl who I meet and of course she will like me, no matter how dorkish I am..
        I like Vijay 1000 times better than Bhagat movie.. He can go into movie screenplay than waste our time and publisher’s money.. He anyway wants to do this meaningless movie fairy tales..

  4. anonymous permalink

    maybe it wasnt your, it was my point though 🙂

  5. anonymous permalink

    maybe it wasnt yours, it was my point though 🙂

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