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Growing older – with maximum resistance

July 28, 2010

Growing up has been tough on me!

I am so old that it is  supposed that I can no longer talk about growing up as a part of my life.
I am supposed to have grown up so much that I should think of childhood as long long ago. But something in me still wants to hold to that nostalgic feelings and tug and associate them with what happens to me today.

However as I was saying, growing up has been tough on me. There are so many things that I want to do, but feel very left out when I actually try to do one of them. People no longer call me child like when I do them, they call me childish .. X-(

When I see a cloud and find a shape/symmetry, I show it to the closest person and they roll their eyes with surprise as if saying “What’s new?”

When rain is splashing all over me and suddenly there is an entire drizzle that fully wets me, and I scream with joy, people near me seem to suddenly disassociate themselves from me

When I ask that we eat the icecream as we walk on road, my husband starts laughing, totally amused at god-knows-what

When I sing along songs with the cab radio/some mp3 player, someone strains his neck to see whodunnit with a wierd look which I have never ever been able to decipher

These are only few of the many things..

Apparently, growing up means losing lots of these queerness and become so sober and serious that there is nothing to live for except the prospect of growing more sober and more serious.

Ugh.. Growing up is going to get lot more tough!


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  1. Sri permalink

    I sing along when I hear my favorite songs on the radio/music player… I dance on the dance floor. I still believe in love… Haven’t yet become cynical… I also shout at the top of my lungs when I see something stupid or outrageous… I scream for my favorite teams in sports matches… I cry when I watch a pathetic documentary…

    I would rather be called childish than be called an OLD hag any day.

    Why grow up when you can grow younger at heart ! 😉 Sometimes it is not resistance. It is just a choice! 🙂

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