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Compare and contrast – Tamil movies

July 27, 2010

Half watched the movie, “moodu pani” by Balu Mahendra just before leaving for office. Something I noticed was that, though Balu Mahendra is one of the bolder directors of those times, the sexuality of the film is so well toned that it doesn’t hurt the eyes, shall we say? Set me thinking about the way sensuality and sexuality in films have evolved

In stark contrast, I was watching “7/g rainbow colony” by Selvaraghavan couple of days ago and it just hurts the eye to see so much sexual innuendoes (rather explicit for innuendos, i must say) that it spoils the flavor of the movie. I think this movie is not an exception but an example of most directors’ expressions on screen.

I kind of get the picture, that the Indian director of today wants to have as much freedom in sexual expression as Hollywood/international directors, but the way they misuse the freedom they have right now, it just becomes gross and titillating than involving and story telling.

And, don’t even get me started on the songs , dances and lyrics…

What do you think? May be the same was said of Balu Mahendra in his times? Share your opinions!


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    oh maybe people are getting dumber so that subtlety no longer gets the message across and one has to be more “in your face” to make the impact

    Ref: Roger’s curve for Technology Adoption Lifecycle; Even acceptance of crassness has a similar model and the late majority and laggards find yesterday’s levels acceptable and today’s levels unacceptable
    case in point: the laggards construed this choreography to be vulgar and unfit for public consumption when it was released

  2. Sriram R permalink

    I remember you once saying “as we grow older, we need to become more broad-minded and have a wider ambit”, now, with the above example, you must consider adding “shameless”

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