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I quit twitter!

July 3, 2010

This is a belated post! I quit twitter couple of weeks ago. It was a quite well thought out decision which had begun impulsively.

I had started impulsively, thinking to myself that I find no use in twitter. Let me deactivate it.

Then twitter started giving me trouble in deactivating it.

Finally after some tries, I gave up and thought may be I won’t deactivate it. But I was pissed that a website did not allow me to leave it when I chose to. So I kinda began a thought process on it which ended up in the account getting deactivated!

So I am outta there now.  I am having some withdrawal symptoms like typing the URL automatically when I go online, but I think I can come out of it sooner than anticipated.

Okay! Here are the reasons

1) Twitter is just an information update service for me – which is the same as facebook or any other.

2) I do not give two hoots about celebrities or their stories in twitter. I find it very fake.

3) Most of the business updates that go through there, are totally irrelevant to me

Why I might miss it is that, there used to be some awesome websites and information that I could find nowhere except in Twitter.

Then again, with all the information overload, I guess I can do without some.


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  1. anonymous permalink

    and wordpress too?

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