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10 Favourite things

June 30, 2010

Tagged by my favorite blogger Felicity to list 10 favorite “things”-not people- just things.

Sounds like a good excuse to write something so here I go!!

Before that, I know I am supposed to tag people after writing this. I am not sure however how many of those people will track my blog.

So I tag everyone who has a blog and visits this post .  J


This ranks first of all the favorite things that I do. Mostly, I may not hit the perfect note. My lyrics are all twisted. But when I am singing, I am myself and I am alive. I have sung in exam halls, in my office cubicle, in front of people, on a stage, for my family and for myself.  Just don’t get me started on singing 🙂


I think that one is never too old to enjoy rains. I love walking in the rain, eating maggi and chai or bajji/bonda in rain, writing about rain, looking at rain, taking pics of rain, listening to rain. Once it pours, life opens up a little more to happiness and I can do nothing else but watch it rain…


I have been reading books/papers/pamphlets/posters/billboards and all that can be read even before I could actually read. I have been caught sitting with newspaper at two, when I didn’t know the letters. Of all things to do, I love to read and re-read. But I don’t get to read often nowadays, so my pace of reading is much lesser compared to days when I did one book in two hours.

Abstract discussions

I love arguments and discussions.  I have taken hundreds of stances which I did not believe in just to see what can come out of it. My best friends are people who can argue with me till I tire out. Philosophy, religion, God, Aliens, Feminism, anything where you can have two opinions, I would love to be there.

Dairy milk

I am what they call a sucker for chocolates, esp. dairy milk.  That is all I ask. Sometimes I think that if everyone had dairy milk, the world would be a happier place.


I don’t write awesome/mind-blowing stuff and I know it. But I write. If I am angry with my husband/myself, if I have to complain or scream, I would rather write it than say it. I write short notes to myself. I write poems and farces by the name of poems. I write lots of things. Just because writing makes me feel connected with an inner me.
In all the corporate lifestyle, using a pen has become so rare. So when I take a pen and ink out something, it pushes me back to the simpler life that we had earlier.

Coffee joints

Though I am not a huge fan of coffee, I love Barista/Coffee Days. You may want to lounge around, talk to people, be alone, read, write, listen to music or anything else and the atmosphere around you is perfect for that.

My Ganesh statues

I love collecting small statues and stuff. From this began my small collection of Ganesha mini statues, which are now around 30. I carry them around to any place I live in- Pune, IIT and Bangalore. I don’t actively buy them but someone usually gifts me a piece. In any kind of trouble, I just have to look at them and I feel better already.

My Black Kurta from Westside, Pune

I got this for my 22nd birthday and it is now 4 years old.  I have outgrown it and grown back into it several times. But this is one dress I can never throw away.

My Engagement Ring

No need to say why…  🙂


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  1. Sri permalink

    Shuba, I love this post. Do you know why? It is because you sound so much like me. I like the exact same things that you listed except 1. Your Black Kurta from westside (because I haven’t seen it yet) 2. YOUR Ganesh statues (Ganesha, please forgive me!) and 3. Dairy milk.

    I can detect an enthusiasm and happiness in the tone of this post. Maybe I will write about my favorite ten things but you definitely stole the most important ones: Singing, writing, coffee, arguments and reading! 😛 Write more…

  2. Sriram R permalink

    1) evaLo oruthi edhO oru song’a record paNNi anuppardha sonna! 😛
    2) now that u have ’employed’ someone…. u can potentially get all of them
    3) indha aLavukku academic books’um padichurundha konjam nanna irundhurukkum
    4) God save me!
    5) thought of Thillu Mullu meesai dialogue 😀
    6) koodiya viraivil suyasarithai veLivaruma ? 😉
    7) peters…
    8) enakku kaamichadhe illa?
    9) Oh! adhuva….. edhu?
    10) why? refer comment to 2)

    PS: naan tagged’nu othukka mudiyadhu

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