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Cosmology from Dummies (not for)

June 10, 2010

Suddenly, I was curious about the center of universe.
I used to assume that the place where big bang happened would be the center of universe.

Apparently that is not correct.
There is no center for universe. The reason is here.
I thought I would share it with you guys…so that you are saved some time 🙂
But don’t hold me liable for the accuracy. I am as accurate as the article linked or lesser.

They say “The universe is not expanding out from a center into space; rather, the whole universe is expanding and it is doing so equally at all places, as far as we can tell.”

And no, earth was never the center of universe.

The facts go that, we thought because everything seems to recede from us, we are in the center of universe.

In your face, self-centered conceited #$@#!@!
The truth is that all points on universe appear to be the center of universe,as everything is receding from everything.

If we find some point where the density and heat is significantly higher, then we might call it the centre.
But all studies have concurred that by far the largest scales that we can see, it is a homogenous universe.

Also one more thing we dont know is “the shape of the universe”. It is not necessarily a sphere… It might be any shape (uniform/non uniform) and with or without an identifiable center.

Another interesting thing to know is, that Big Bang is not an explosion that we can imagine at all. Why? Because Big Bang is not an explosion in space, it is an explosion of space.
It started from a point of no space/time and created space, if I may say so.

The cosmic microwave background radiation that scientists have detected in universe, is uniform in all directions. That means the matter is not expanding from one point. Space is expanding evenly all over..

So after understanding all the logic for this, it is amazing that the universe is so huge and incomprehensible that not the hugest stretches of imagination can imagine it..

P.S. 1 This is not astronomy FOR dummies
P.S. 2 This is just the beginning for several such meaningless rants

P.S. 3 You still reading this ?? You must be geek, or you must be me!


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