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New look and zillion unexplained stuff

April 16, 2010

When nothing else is happening, one at least wants a change in scenery..

That change in scenery is around you, my blog’s new look.. Of course I love it..

There are new neat boxes all around the side bar..

About the zillion unexplained stuff, I can not explain them all here, so explaining one for now..

Have you wondered why most of my blogs seem to be ranting and rambling? Have you wondered if there was any intelligent stuff that has come out in recent times? (I know one of you will say “has it ever”)

The explanation is “that the windows were closed”. I am so immersed in the joyful work that I do, that I have no time for music, books and news. The three things I love to talk about..

Aah..worry not mortals! I am back with feverish spirit..
Read a lot of books lately. Some gooey stuff like P.S. I love you, which was fantastic before I read it and okay after I finished. Some intelligent stuff like Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, which I am still processing (may be a review later?) and ever classic Wodehouse.
I still have David Copperfield and Oliver Twist to re-read.. Just felt like..

I am watching loads of “Friends” now and could I get more addicteD?

The neo-social networking sites have had their effect on me, I agree. Not too positive, I observe.
But now I am bored of them all.. And my dear blog, I am still in love with you.. head over heels.
So lets begin courting, again…

P.S. I read that women love to put postscripts, so decided that I wont be much of an exception..
P.P.S. I think my post ended up rambling and ranting a lot.. but WTF? who cares.


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