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Huge big Tamasha…

March 11, 2010

While we were focusing our energy on Rahul’s marriage and Barbie’s 50 years as a icon of “bimbo”-ism.. something small and insignificant was happening in Delhi. Women’s bill was being passed through parliament, “to signify International Women’s Day”, in our special way.
The idea was that, who would dare not pass this bill on women’s day? Won’t the opposition lose face in front of millions of women voters?
Ha. Gotcha..
If women had to be wooed as a single category, then the bill would have been passed long ago, without a murmur.
No, we need men to be well represented in Parliament. Who would like to stand up to lose their Parlimentary seat to some woman?
And so, we will not woo women as one category.. We will woo them as millions of sects, sub sects , castes, religions.
We will request for quotas within quotas, that will delay the time it takes women to represent themselves better, in a nation of 50% women, it is ironical that 33% of seats seem to be too much for constitutional
One thought is that, with all other quotas, pure quota for women 33% will leave the general unbiased group minority..
I think, we should have 33% quota in all quotas and in general category.
Let 33% of OBC existing quota go to women. If there is quota for religions, let them give 33% of representation to their women. Let the current general category give their 33% to women.
Ah no! Logical thinking is not allowed..
We prefer to throw the bill supposed to empower women in the air- on women’s day
We prefer to pull the microphone of speaker as he tries to bring in calm – on women’s day
We prefer to defend it saying, ” I got angry” – on women’s day
Yes gentlemen! We are proud we are represented by you in front of all countries. When these videos were aired all over the world, I am not sure if you would have batted an eye, but we lowered our heads in shame.

Let us pass a bill raising MLA, MP Perks and salaries to twice the current state, and let one MP bat an eyeball.
(except to say it should be higher)

P.S. all views are personal and do not represent my organisation/any group of people


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