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Fire trap – Death trap

February 23, 2010

Carlton Towers fire touched me very closely. Not only because I work just two blocks away from the building, but also that I stay very close to the place and have been a frequent visitor to all the food places.
More than the above reasons, why people are pained the most is because it is a disaster that should not have scaled the proportions it did.
Yes, fire is a natural disaster. We cannot do anything to prevent it. What matters however is, how we handle it.
People falling out of buildings and dying, choking due to fumes are all tragic ways of dying, because a good disaster management plan or at the least, a well planned fire drill should teach us to handle the situation better. People panicked more by smoke than fire, I hear. Can’t a building please have good ventilation?
I have not even begun to talk about the lapse from the side of the fire fighters.
I pray for the people whose death could have been prevented.

As my colleague quipped, “these are the occasions when we introspect about fate”


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  1. Shuba, it is easier said than done. We cannot really criticize people for doing what they have done. We cannot sit here and judge dead people. Keeping our cool during such situations is not easy.

  2. Shuba permalink

    There are lot of ways of looking at what I had put in the blog.. But I had not intended it to be seen as criticising the dead people..
    What it was, according to me was wishful thinking that if only people were trained in childhood about handling disasters better, at least some lives could have been saved..

    I was not referring to people’s loss of lives as wilful manipulation, but it was more of lack of readiness. Simply why I appreciate fire drills and fire men training.. People would have known to hold the blanket better.. People would have learned to crawl when the place is smokey to avoid choking..
    One person knowing it could have possibly saved an entire floor of people..

    And it is difficult to keep our cool in difficult situations. But only training can teach some one to keep cool..

    And more importantly, i am not saying why did these people not get trained? I am saying is it not time to get serious about these training to children..

  3. Sri permalink

    VERY true.. Amen to this:
    “And more importantly, i am not saying why did these people not get trained? I am saying is it not time to get serious about these training to children..”
    In my daughter’s school, they have taken fire safety to an extreme extent. My daughter has been complaining of fire alarms going off at random times at her school (in the name of training). But I guess it’s all good. This extreme is better than the other one of not giving a S@#T about fire safety.
    I came to your blog after a long time and must say this is such a nice, comfy place! 🙂 Do write more!
    — Sri

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