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The joke that is the Indian Television

February 2, 2010

I had stopped watching television almost completely starting with my stay in Pune in a house with friends doing the talking instead of TV, then in MBA where laptop took up all my time and then here in Bangalore, as I started a new chapter of life, living in a huge house without tv.

Now that my husband is has moved in from Pune to Bangalore, he brought in his tv habit to the house. Not complaining, but it makes me aware of how much I had missed in the evolution of Indian television channels.
TV shows used to be the education media, long long ago… even before Mile Sur original..Then television became a mini cinema hall with movies occupying almost every minute. Then came in serials, the tv substitutes for movies.
Now people began complaining that the tv had ceased to reflect the real life.
So it began “Crorepati”,”Big Boss”,”Sach ka Saamna” , “pati patni and woh” and the types – to glorify the common man – also known as ” a flop celebrity”.
Then came the mother of all reality shows -“Rakhi Ka Swayamvar”, men wooing the irresistible bride Rakhi Sawant, to live in palaces for weeks, trying to get her hand in marriage, bringing their parents, ex-wives and ex girlfriends, as Rakhi blushed and asked “Kya aap mera khayal rakhenge, zindagi bar?” “Kya aap mujhe sach mein chahte hain?” “Kya aapne pyar mein kabhi kisiko dhoka dia hai?” “Main ek aam bharateeya naari banna chahti hoon” and so on so forth.
Though it fizzed out with Rakhi “shockingly” refusing to marry any of the selected guys after getting engaged, it would have been hypothetically scary to see a psycopath possibly win the competition.

Now Rahul Mahajan (who? Pramod Mahajan’s son? Who? the murdered BJP leader Pramod Mahajan) is posing as the eligible bachelor waiting to be wooed by 16 women, who have to marry this eligible divorcee with their honesty, genuineness and sense of humour
Rare qualities that are good enough for Rahul Mahajan’s noble love seeking heart!

And there will be viewers who will sob with the rejected girls, cheer for the selected girls – worry not ! Rahul has promised to definitely marry the girl he chooses!!

and this is how the title of the post came by!!


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