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Phir mile sur- rather “besur”

January 28, 2010

So now you know what my stand is on the multi starrer rendition of the 20 year old “Mile sur tumhara”.
I actually will start with the good thing about “phir mile”. People have started listening to the old rendition more..

To make things worse, I first saw the Deepika Padukone clip, where she croons under rain in a rather budgeted cloth. Simply put, the verdict is “ROTFL!”

Places where I LOL-d
1)Amitabh still thinks his baritone voice is enough to make any line shayari
2)Priyanka Chopra makes an entrance
3)Aamir Khan goes Ae Kya Bolti Tu on a song that I can associate with my nation’s pride
4)Vikram and Surya sing the tamil version without even straining their lips, which the veritable Balamurali Krishna had rendered in original .
5)Shahid and Ranbir Kapoor make their appearance – I do not wish to call it anything else

The only touchy part was also the only part with the spirit of original in it – the part where hearing challenged kids act out the words, with Salman Khan.
And also, Shobana dance with Shaimak, the classical piece by Anoushka, Santoor Shivram Sharma and few other , were the clips looked sober and non-filmy!!

Almost everyone, even some of the classical musicians looked artificial and out of place. Just trying to appear their cute and naughty best, as if they didn’t realise what they were singing about.

The best part of original used to be when the faceless plenty became our map and the flag. The languages which sounded in the original were not just 3 popular movie industries, but others whose words I had never heard otherwise too.

I dont think we liked the original video for its star appeal!!

May this video go to place where all careless sequels go to after ignominy!

As always written after a debatable topic,this is my personal opinion and mine only!


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  1. Sriram permalink

    I haven’t seen this video yet, but from your “personal opinion”, I am getting the same feeling that I would have had, if they had made “Neeraarum kadal” with Vijaya TR, Perarasu, Snehan, Seeman, SJ Surya and ofcourse Namitha on screen 😛

  2. Anonymous permalink

    on padukone – as the market “matures” we would like to appreciate the artistes more than their wardrobes, hence the change in mix between the two

    when people have routine-innovation targets, they just wind up worsening an existing concept in the name of creativity/inspiration

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