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November 23, 2009

I used to write good posts in my blog;

Then I began caring for others’ opinion


I am in a city that supposedly is the most metropolitan non metro.

I am from a city that is most non metropolitan among metros (supposedly).


I like my work; especially the part where I get my salary credited.


p.s. seriously that is intended as a joke 🙂


World makes sense only to two people – the insane and the infants


My hubby calls such small meaningless notes vignettes ; I suspect he is wrong!!


Read a piece of literature that was extremely touching – of genre known as flash fiction

“For sale- Baby shoes, never worn”





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  1. anonymous permalink


    Most of the problems in the world are caused by “Others”

    What other reason can there be to increase the wealth of some faceless shareholders

    @Making sense
    The insane and the infants may not have been able to articulate their lack of understanding to us, that does mean the world makes even an iota more sense to them

    One would disagree no matter what he call ’em; After all a husband is but a natural nemesis

    @Baby shoes
    The story neednt have as much pathos as appears at first sight; it may just be that the color of the shoes dint suit the baby, as they say fashion consciousness begins at the crib

    Joblessness is omnipresent

    • Shuba permalink

      @first anon You missed criticising some of the one think of some sarcastic comeback

      • anonymous permalink

        Creativity like many other things runs out with use, so no comebacks… yet…

        and, quips are no criticism, just an outlet to deceive myself that i am witty 😛

  2. anonymous permalink

    Good posts in the past? sounds good but wont wash with the view archives feature available 😛

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