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The randomest scribbling ever..

August 28, 2009

Still groggy with the morning blues, I picked up a hot steamy cup of coffee. The steam in the coffee seemed to convey a message. I watched.

First it looked like a heart. Romance….I wondered. Then it shaped as X. I assumed it meant “wrong answer”.

Then it looked like a flight about to take off. Airport!! X again.

Then there the damnd flight  was there again and it was taking off and moving at the same time. Runway!! There was a smiley 🙂

Then I wondered if heart is linked to runway in anyway. Then it showed a ring, and then quickly a heart..

Marriage? X

Engagement?  X-(

Lovers? X

Bride? Runway bride? Runaway bride? The steam smiled 🙂 and disappeared Poof!

I stared into the “once upon a time hot” coffee..

Damn! Early morning dumb charades with the coffee was so pathetic .Worst part is the coffee goes cold ..before you can do the acting..

P.S. I woke up for the third day at 6 and came to office at 10 after keeping up till 1 the previous night and having worked my a$$ off till 9 pm.. I decided it was time to blog or I will go mad.

This is the sad effect..

P.P.S. Actually there is no excuse for such posts 😀


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  1. You have an interesting blog. I especially liked your post titled “Learning to unlearn”. Have fun… Bye.

  2. Shuba permalink

    Thank you… keep visiting and commenting

  3. Ashwin S permalink

    Title is jus perfect!

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