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Learning to Unlearn

August 13, 2009

We think that life in general, and especially education, is full of lessons to learn. I am learning it is more important to look for lessons to unlearn.

In my case, for example, I learned 1+1=2 first. Then I found ways of proving 1=2(But there is a catch).

I learned that India is one country first. Then I realised that, for most of us, it doesn’t matter, our streets, cities and states, castes and religions bind us better than the weak thread called nation does.

I studied in school first that man is a social animal. Then I have come to accept that man is just animal.

First I was told that we should be positive always. Later I saw that a healthy dose of cynicism helps.

First I thought that the answer to the question, “Who am I” was my name and parents name and address. Then I realised that it is a question that is not so simple to answer.

First I thought that when someone is angry with you, you give way to them because they are powerful. Then I decided that when someone is angry with you, you give way to them because they are weak.

I used to think that most of your knowledge comes from books. Then I corrected myself that books are full of others’ life lessons. But your own lessons are self learnt and come in the form of life.

First I thought that tests are after you learn your lessons. Then I came to know that lessons after you take your tests.

First I believed that what I am is because of who I am with. Then I also realised that who I am with is also because of what I have decided to be.

First I felt that freedom means having no rules. Then I was to learn that from structure comes freedom and what binds you will liberate you.

First I believed that degree is to enable you get a job. Later I knew that college has lessons other than the books and results other than the job.

First I thought that all the lessons I have learnt so far has filled me with wisdom. Now I am learning that I am to empty my cup if I have to learn something that all.


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  1. Oh my God! This was just absolutely brilliantly profound. 🙂
    I am SO awed. I bow down before your wisdom. 🙂

  2. Shuba permalink

    I always admired you for your satire…

  3. Sriram R permalink

    ” to empty my cup” – KuLLachchaamy philosophy ? 😉

  4. What?
    No, I was being very earnest.
    Seriously, this was a very philosophical piece and I loved it. 🙂
    Honestly, I did. 🙂

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