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GMail is too personal to share and more about Google

August 5, 2009

GMail is too personal to share

I got this statement from a friend when talking about sharing mail password with her brother, and implicitly stated in several conversations with friends. That is where this post began.

I am a total Google fan, well for most of the Apps.. Of course dear wordpress, you rock the blogging space..(blogger heading towards obsolence) and gmail, google search are the top preferences..

This friend who stated the title statement was sharing her other email accounts password to her brother, but apparently she couldn’t do so for gmail. Not that there is anything personal/confidential about it-she says.

May be or may be not. The point is that somehow GMail seems to be a more trusted mailing account and why not? Have you checked your yahoo mail account recently? Closest in any kind of competition to gmail, they are not0 half as cool looking as gmail. In spite of their preview right below the in box…

But then Google really began as search engine and they rule there..inspite of Bing ..yea..more probably due to brand affinity but I really tried to see if bing is better..couldnt find a reason..

And then google became this mammoth company that had to do everything and thought that it would probably be super successful everywhere..Well, many of the apps rock!! photos for example,google reader may be.. and how can i forget gtalk.. Though the voice and video chat applications seem shaky to me..

Then there are the promises in the future – GWave.. I am really expecting it to rock the world..for its way of thinking..

But then please someone explain why Orkut seems pathetic  as it becomes a clone of facebook (a bad one at that) and Chrome OS which is probably a halfheartedly begun fight against Microsoft Windows..Well atleast for common folk, Windows is to OS as is Google to search..

I didnt find too impressed by Google chrome browser either, Mozilla seemingly have finessed the art, remains my favorite..

What I find Google doing is trying to be everywhere. Good! But it should come out of innovative thoughts that sooooooo mark Google…Not just as a copy cat effort to be where others are..

Now Google and Apple are crossing swords.. I am not sure who will win.. Apple with Jobs dependency for innovative thinking or Google with its ‘leap then dont look’ policy..

However I remain a determined Google enthusiast. I hope Google doesnt make me eat my words by any foolhardiness..

P.S. As always, any opinion here is mine and mine only..


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  1. Sriram R permalink

    well….. one google ID and password can open almost everything up; that’s one reason to keep it personal (really? 😉 )

    btw, Chrome is now good, though not as good as Firefox. But for someone like me who opens and closes atleast 20 tabs within an hour, chrome is more attractive.

  2. I agree with you , gmail is comunicatif and easy mail

  3. sankar permalink

    Nice post 🙂

    With no credits away from google on their spectacular job few things i feel google can take notice of ….(these are jus my opinion)

    google doesnt think things are personal to you ….for instance the eula for chrome said any development on chrome belongs to google which caused a uproar and eventually modified by google( may be the reason why chrome has 1-2% market share tday(again my take))

    microsoft made the mistake of divulging into any business opportunity eventually making a mess of vista their core business …i c google in the same path …i hope they dont make any mess of search

    finally on a lighter side , never before google has released a update on a search engine before their latest caffeine (i hope they are not afraid of bing 😉 )

  4. Shuba permalink

    Sankar..Good points raised..
    Thanks for beinga visitor who leaves a comment

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