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Be good, more importantly look good……

May 28, 2009

For the women who go to shop to buy milk in their night dress, and the men who are too lazy to shave or change when going for a walk…
Here’s another reason why you should learn personal grooming…You might end up in a beggar’s rehabilitation home.

Rajashekaran, who was walking home from library with his unkempt hair and dirty clothes was “allegedly” forcibly moved to beggar’s home and has been there for 7 days. One of his students and a councillor in Bangalore have identified him.

This is something that doesn’t happen in my most far fetched imagination. But it is hilarious yet ironic to know that you dont even have to be seen begging to get to beggar’s home.

Seems like his students/colleagues did not miss him, all these days.

There is a doctor in the home too, but he has been there now for one year, and is quite happy to be there.
Either he has lost his mind, or it is really a good place to be.


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