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Musings on a monday morning headlines

May 18, 2009

Several things are happening in the outer world.

Market is rallying in the wake of general election results, Congress getting re-elected with out the necessity of the “Left” support. Vindication of Left seems to have brought joy to the corporates who look at it as a chance to grow uninhibited for five years. When market rallies thus, everything else will begin to appear trivial.

Let us still hope for over all growth and global revival of economies.

LTTE has been defeated and the war of 25 years has come to an end. Of course, I appreciate that there will be lesser bloodshed and mindless killing in the beautiful country but as an external neutral observer, I wonder if something can be done to ensure that the peaceful co existence of Tamils and Srilankans will be ensured. Let it not become a barbaric survival of the winner.

I just found out that the new parliament has 226 MPs less than 50 years of age but  also 150 new MPs have criminal record, 72 of them having “serious” criminal record. Point to ponder..

Meanwhile, Chiru’s defeat has caused a fan to commit suicide. Let us pray that the followers of Left and other defeated parties stay in their senses and keep their valuable lives with them. No person is worth laying down your life for in these days. Especially not for an election defeat. Sad..

Praying that market’s wishes come true and world  keeps being a happy place..and that in this recessionist times, let the job market begin its rally please..

And among other good things to be happy for – Kuwait votes for women MPs for the first time. Progress is made in such small steps.

BTW…this is my 100th post in wordpress…Hurray!


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  1. jaggi permalink

    Its the dawn of new era where changes are unexpected…

  2. lata permalink

    Hits 100 post..thts great! I added ur blogs in my blog roll..

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