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You fell from the skies not onto earth but into our hearts..

May 15, 2009

The summers of Chennai are infamous and this year it was taking its toll on all our bodies and minds. Now suddenly there is rain. The sky is gargling with noisy thunders. I am here next to my lappie..Listening to songs and the thunders..The sound of rain fall is playing background to “Woh Chali Woh Chali..”

Heaven on earth!

I always write rain posts. Somehow rain seems to bring in a fresh whiff of writing bug in me.  There was first the smell of first rain on earth and that is maddeningly exotic. Then it is down to the regular pitter patter. My neighbour called in to check if I am scared. Somehow I am not. Instead I am writing rain posts like I used to in Pune..

Pune rains used to be more noisy and more like a father’s scolding.. surrounded with slaps, claps and steady list of reasons “why you should not be so careless”… Then it leaves you on your own where you dont know if the anger remains or not..if you can open your room door so fiercely slammed by Dad… You open and see him still glaring at you.. scolding still the steam runs out..

Chennai rains are motherly at its fiercest. They come steadily. First with a force of anger that is so characteristically of mom, who screams at you for coming home late. Then there is a sulking mumbling intermittent with occasional loud reprimand..till slowly the mumbling also becomes muted and there is just fresh air and her love…

Anyway.. It is rain..

I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain; What a wonderful feeling, I’m happy again.

There is dairymilk in hand.. There is media player on the system and there is the music of Gods outside…

Hmmm… Ciao frenz..more sensible posts will follow…


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  1. Sniff. What emotion.

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