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May 13, 2009

My vote...Lok Sabha 2009

My vote...Lok Sabha 2009

I proudly declare that I voted. Ashamed as I am that this is the first time in my 25 years of life with three elections gone by, I atleast exercised my option when I could. (Rest of the time I was not in Chennai)

It is a powerful feeling….I was grinning for five minutes.


Photo update soon… 😉


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  1. lata permalink

    great!! Since I was not in chennai, i missed this time 😦
    btw ur blogs excellent

  2. Shuba permalink

    Thanks.. Do I know you?
    Do you blog?

  3. lata permalink

    i jus used to browse something when i was in bench…what to do..i hav to kill the time! [;)]
    i got many blog links at tht time which includes urs also..i knw ur blogs only..the first blog, i read urs was “Here ends the year”..impressive n u r havin good memory!

    ya started bloggin some months back.. here is my link

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