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Celebrities in virtual world

April 30, 2009

Twitter is my new pet and I was shocked to see jyothika, shahrukh khan and graeme smith all connected through twitter to each other. As a curious person I set out to find if they were genuine people and to my expectations they were fake.

So is true, with Orkut, Facebook etc. where we see so many impostors. As I anguished if there is no way to find out the fake ones (dont ask me what I get out of that) a friend suggested this site.

It is for American celebrities predominantly and helped me with information of the twitter,facebook, myspace profiles of Serena Williams and other such huge hits, which included so many NBA players that I have never heard of.

Sadly, I haven’t chanced on an Indian equivalent of that. validates this by linking to some official site or route through which we can be assured we are really talking to the celebrity.

In the world of Orkut, however, the problem is different. Ordinary junta like you and me have multiple profiles. One to be a face to the families, and other to apparently browse at girls’ profile and ask them to be friends, with preposterous and hilarious statements like “how long will I wait ya? say yes na?”

P.S. Serena Williams twitters as serenajwilliams with j being her middle name initials.

She could not get serenawilliams as it was taken by the impostor who landed before her.

Addl. Info : The impostor has been suspended due to strange activity. The reason is possibly, user name squatting/spam account



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