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Ayan The Review!

April 7, 2009

SPOILER ALERTS..To people who are eager to watch the movie, I may have revealed some critical spoilers. So think before you read the review. Think at least now, because in the movie you just have to stop thinking..

I went to Ayan yesterday. In Mayajaal.. In Call taxi.. Five of us.. Where have my sensibilities gone?

It all started with A messaging us in the morning about movie plans. I refused and should have stopped there. Then on B’s insistence, I agreed. We hired a calltaxi as we got late for the show and sat in the theatre.

Thank god we missed the five minutes! As a Surya fan, the first ten minutes went ogling Surya before I got used to the bright lighted cinematography which made it look like a holi festival on the screen. Why is that a problem? If old sethji is killed by falling off roof, on a truck of iron rods, which are multi colored and symettrically pierce his body to give a sense of color and arrangement, it makes it tough to relate to the death.

There was also an initial long chase a la James bond, to some extent well made, but when the bag is snatched from Surya the two hundred and twenty fifth time, I called it quits..

Tamanna was hired to look good in sari in songs and she has adequately fulfilled that purpose. As for the romance part, yewwwwwwwwwwwww…. Never even in Tamil cinema history was falling in love so difficult to watch/believe.

Surya has also donned the partial cap of comedian and yeah okay, but Surya your six packs are attraction enough!

Prabhu, Karunas are convincing enough, but Renuka as Surya’s mom in Sowcarpet speaking Chennai Tamil, difficult to digest. Even more difficult to digest is the Horlicks mom in modern outfit trying to attract the villain’s attention.

Some unbelievable leaps of logic and Surya make the movie experience out of the world..

Songs are awesome and picturized well.. but the item number “Honey Honey” sounds like Dham Dhoom’s “Pudhu Pudhu” in a slower tempo right?

Some one said the director was the one who made “Kana Kanden”. Then why this, Sir?

To say it the Sun TV style – Ayan, I out!!


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  1. Thanks for saving me 🙂

  2. Lata permalink

    Hey what u sayin? avla kodumaiya vah boss irundhadhu!!…. [;)]

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