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A jungle runs the rat race

March 18, 2009

There was this felicitation of Guitarist and Composer – Prasanna, who is also a distinguished alumnus of IIT Madras, an engineer in ocean engg. and naval architecture, who chose his dreams over the regular rut and has achieved commendable success, which I just attended. For your recall, he was the composer for “Smile Pinki“, the Oscar winning documentary and that was the occasion for the felicitation by the IIT Madras Alumni Association.

Though I began as if I am here to write about Prasanna, the point is not Prasanna but the Prasannas of the world.

There is plenty of talent of singers, musicians, dancers, writers, artists, sculptors, poets, sportsmen and women, scuba divers and we dont know what else, that dies in this race for engineering-> IT job -> ?? life.

Parents for the past 10 years have decided all over the country and especially in this state that IT job is the life to have and like Henry Ford would have said “any graduation is good, as long as it is B.E. “. True pursuit of what we want to do is lost in the race for money which we eventually lose in the stock markets and recessions.  My M.B.A. classmates and I had a discussion and what we wanted to do as a child was lost in the race for state topper, school topper, class topper and eventually travelling the well trodden path.

Why the story grows sadder is that the B.E.s of this age are not even qualified enough to do this software job. Degrees are offered at your street corner engineering college, (which is not funny if you  think that in suburbs of Chennai, this actually is true) and all and sundry are B.E. this and B.E. that.

People think that certain courses are better than others and people take the “worse” courses out of compulsion. Electronics and Communication engineering for example, seems to have lost its relevance to Communication industry or electronics sector. It is just the best course for joining Wipro/Infy (so ppl think).

May be we should stop. May be we should teach the kids to pursue the path they want to and see how India turns up to be. If we are indeed the talented country that we are, IT jobs will be done by people cut out for that, let us pursue other avenues of living too.

P.S. Just about to finish MBA and ready to pounce back into corporate world, it might sound ironic, but probably there is no one who better realises the importance of punctuality than one who missed the bus. I am waiting for the next bus to hop on to. 🙂

I hope against hope.


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  1. Nirvana permalink

    A major reason why students don’t go for the courses they are “made” for is that they themselves don’t know their strengths or abilities. Sometimes peer pressure plays a major role. Sometimes it could be because of unavoidable circumstances. At least the first reason can be remedied somewhat by administering aptitude tests in schools at regular intervals. This will help teachers and more importantly the students to understand what they are good at. Then maybe they would take a better decision as far as their profession is concerned.

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