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Language of hatred and sin

November 28, 2008

So much change..

I had planned to come back to posting after a couple of weeks. I was under a self administered holiday for work purposes. However, I couldn’t stop myself from this post.

Bloodshed in Mumbai!

Tears flow in my heart to think of the family that did not expect that the day was going to end in this way, for their father,mother, brother or sister. How could anyone justify this as killing for honour, creed or motto? What right does the perpetrators of this crime have in takinga life that does not belong to the same world as them, that did not know what the demands of these terrorists were, the life that would have been the world for someone, gave meaning to someone, sustained some lives?

The men of this crime- What is moral about this in any creed? Do someone tears ring as peals of laughter in your hearts? Do you think your Gods, your family, your purpose, your objective is this?

The men who created these zombies- What is your goal? Killing lives? If your religion recognizes Satan as the ultimate evil, please realise that the Satan lives nowhere but in your hearts! And your God does not want to be in your side if Satanic be your lives way! The families of the boys whom you have created to live this life towards death, whom you have brainwashed with words of poison, what lets you sleep when you closed the eyes of so many innocents- who had no crime against you, except that they happened to be there at that time. How many of your religion have you killed – the men who interpreted your religion better than you, and lived in harmony? How will your God accept your felony against your religion?

I have tried to talk your language. Then I stop here, because I realise your language is a language of hatred and sin and I dont want to speak it even if I would end up sounding sensible to you. Because that language is poison – it poisons the mind of the speaker and the listener.


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  1. Sriram permalink

    You are partially non-secular and largely anti-secular.

    Save your voice, you may need it more probably next week when HRC will file petition against their “less-human” treatment while in interrogation and would move the “Honourable” President for clemency to these “wronged” ‘souls’ !

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