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Why I dont blog so much and other related things..

October 8, 2008

It has been a real long time since I blogged. The break was unintended yet unavoidable. Been doing too many things. Some kind of rut I have been in.

Anyways, some times some things change your life in significant ways. One of the things that could do this is meeting interesting new people. I met one person like that recently. He is my relative in a distant way, and I have seen him in special occasions. For the few minutes I managed to speak that person, he has influenced my thought process very much. I have, for one, decided to find time to do things I want and do things I must. The challenge is doing these excellently and I have decided I am upto it.

Things have been happening. I had an exam. Lehman and Merrill Lynch fell. I-Bank as a concept has taken a beating. Was feeling tired for a while which also was a reason why I was blogging less.

But some positive things have happened. I have become more open to things around me. I am observing things. I am learning a lot. And I am looking inwards. I have become less stressed about things that I can choose to ignore.

The days to come are going to be tough. Being in second year of MBA is no little challenge. But there is positive mindset inside me and that is telling me that I am upto it.And I think so too.


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  1. Can we expect a new derivative from you ?

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