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Popularity measure

July 22, 2008

Manmohan Singh is learning how to measure popularity the hard way. I learn it by my orkut account. Of late, every time I add a video, my number of fans becomes one less. Random correlation? Hope so!

Facebook is even better. All I have to do is to add this “compare people” application and swallow the bitter pill as people compare me with others and let Facebook give weekly updates on my dateability and smartness

This week am rated so:


most dateable
most creative


best listener

I still dont understand.  Is being a good listener my weakness? [:P]

Though I understand the way it works and not exactly agree that this is a desirable measure of popularity, I keep it. Just for laughs!!


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One Comment
  1. Sriram permalink

    most dateable? (evanaavadhu kaasu kuduthu soonniyam vechukka aasai paduvaana?

    sexiest? – perhaps a “fact” that has escaped me

    and abt the weaknesses – for you to be cool u need to be talkative and dumb… 😛

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