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Call center woes

July 16, 2008

This is different set of woes altogether. This post should have been “woes by call center”. We have all heard of stories where call center employees get abused by their customers and how it affects them. You have heard stories of customers complaining of endless selling attempts by call center people. Now is the new case (atleast for me) that a call center person calls you and abuses you too.

Vijay gets a call apparently from a famous bank’s tele service trying to sell “Platinum” card. The call is not for Vijay but for some Roberts. But inspite of Vijay saying that he is not Roberts that caller (Mr. X) keeps selling. Vijay keeps refusing and now Mr. X is angry and begins using disgusting abusive tamil words on Vijay.

Vijay has contacted authorities personally and complained but the bank’s reputation for customer service is safeguarded by the employees’ luke warm response.

Apart from concern for Vijay, my curiosity in the issue is also about the Mr.X. What happened to him that he flew off the lid? Apparently some target missed? House hold problem? Romantic issues? Or just a truth or dare game well played?

I am still speculating.

P.S. When you get a call like this, be careful when saying no. Possibly Mr. X could be calling 😉

P.P.S Reminded me of this post by Kirtan, on a similiar note.


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One Comment
  1. Sriram permalink

    Not so long ago, “________ Educated” Indians used to abuse the banks for denying loans upon stringent requirements not met.

    Now, their “_______ness and Liberty” is trying(harrassing?) to make every citizen of India indebted in someway…. especially in a society where being indebted is a family/social shame…..

    despite the rudeness, the basic question, which most of them(you) would deny of very existence, is – why canvas to take loan?

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