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Engineering Courses – A conversation

July 9, 2008

My friend’s bro just out of 12th had a conversation with his school mate girl about admissions into engineering.

Bro: Hey what are you planning to take?

Girl: Electronics and communication engineering

Bro: Why ECE?

Girl: I am interested in ECE only.

Bro: Why are you interested? Do you know anything about ECE?

Girl: Who cares? Even d name is soo gud and slick dat d course must be a gr8 one!!

I cant say whether this is a reason to be more concerned about the girl or ECE?

P.S. This conversation started like this

Girl: What are you taking?

Bro: Oh I thought I will take materials sciences.

Girl: Oh I am so sorry for you

Bro: No it fascinates me.Hey, What are you planning to take?

P.P.S I also heard that SSN engg degrees are valued more than IIT Madras by some good number of people. I am amused.


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  1. Sriram permalink

    ennatha solluven? eppudi solluven?

    one gentilmann took ECE in Easwari ahead of the same course in Crescent.

  2. Hey , I know people who chose Computer Science only because they would make their parents buy them a computer!

  3. Seriously, it does’nt matter an owl’s breath! She’s gonna join the software brethren anyways!!!


  4. Shuba permalink

    That is especially why all this farce about ECE makes lesser and lesser sense to me.

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