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The Man Who asked WHY?

June 20, 2008

Once a man walking along the beach asked the first question to the world. The question was “Why?” . Now what is the story of Why?
The men of the world then were quite primitive. Language was slowly being invented. English was formed in bits and pieces. A-Z 24 letters were formed. The missing ones? “Q” and “Y”. The story about Q has been told, but this prequel is the story of “Y”.

The two words they spoke were “Meat” and “Hunt”. Not much of a vocabulary for a 24 letter alphabet, I know. Hey, I am only reporting the facts!
Now, where was I? Yes, the men were so primitive that they had no conversations really. All they had to do was howl like Tarzan did in later days, and all people come running. The leader said “Hunt Meat” and all ran to hunt. The food was brought and eaten just like that. It was instinctively authoritative where men gave the food to leader. He ate and fed his family. Then the rest ate the remaining, fighting for the best food.
Now, as later history proved, every monarchy should have a rebel. Our hero is that man. The Man who refused to wait for the leader to finish, the man who thought all are equal. This man said “All eat same time”. More words were added to vocabulary. The leader threw him away.
Alone and defenseless against the cruelty of capitalism, the man wandered and languished in hunger. There he sat thinking, “Why? What is the reason for this difference?” Now, you know the man- the man who asked “Why”, the man who brought “Y” to the world (and thereby “Q”), the man who added so many words to our vocabulary, the man who was the first socialist!


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  1. Sriram R permalink

    good joke

  2. Ranjith permalink

    And then he invented revolution.
    revolution is the first biggest word after eat, hunt and why.Now, after a failed revolution this guy , our hero left the place with a few trusted friends and started his own tribe. he hunts with his friends shares the good food with all of them and has a great time. finally he thinks “why?” i can be the king is his next thought. There is born a capitalist.So, does socialism give rise to revolution which gradually brings back capitalism?
    “Why” is a good question, you know…:P

    Morale of the story:I too can write a lot of confusing crap.

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