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Déjà vu

June 11, 2008

Working in an IT company for two years, it took me lot of time to unlearn whatever I had learnt as a software engineer. Things like
1) Ctrl + Alt +Del to lock the computer
2) Pressing send/receive in outlook and checking mails every 5 minutes, inspite of full knowledge that whatever you get is spam / irrelevant
3) Coffee breaks every 2 hrs and extended lunch breaks spanning 2 hrs
4) Opening Microsoft outlook first thing in morning
5) Leaving the computer running over the night
6) Usage of desk phone to talk to the person in the next bay or in the other part of the world
7) Feeling listless and workless and taking mini naps
So on and so forth ..
I was in a college, b-school of all places ,and that meant a shift of huge quantum from the software engineer mode. No, I couldn’t take naps in the class(Fact is that I manage to).. No I couldn’t take extended coffee breaks or lunch breaks(unless I wanted to arrive late to class), Ctrl+Alt+Del is of no use really(Even if you lock your computer, it is public login in lab and so security is not really the question and home computer opens up task manager) and phone means the cell phone and that means paying your bills!

Now, as fate would have it, I am doing my summer internship in an IT company. Déjà vu.


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  1. timestamps permalink

    Did yo really change it??? lol

  2. Sriram R permalink

    1) need to lock the computer? I dont see any, unless u are chatting with “someone” and u suspect ur roommate to be a B****, when you are away 😛

    2) u have an equivalent called gmail

    3) not necessarily coffee.. i know what the ‘breaks’ are 😉

    4) signing into gtalk – the first thing in the morning

    5) IIT has robbed u the chance to download movies and tv shows overnight… so no purpose of letting lappie run overnight

    6) gtalk!!

    7) listless but not necessarily workless… mini naps? as if u sit in class all day 😛

    now where is the Deja vu ?
    its the same pair of stinking shoes… just a different pair of socks 🙂

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