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June 10, 2008

The inflation graph is shooting almost vertically. The way the vegetables are priced, I think I should become non vegetarian. Petrol prices have shot up so much that people are thinking about Ramayana days and the “pushpak vimana”. My mom has decided to buy gold for my one year old nephew’s marriage before the prices rise any further(she does not foresee gold price falling anytime now).
Dollar seems to be back in the game against rupee. The electricity fluctuation is so bad that we are planning to buy a stabiliser for fans and flouroscent lights.
The only consolation is that idli has become cheaper by one rupee.
Should I be scared?!!!


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  1. selva permalink

    Hi Subha,
    Selva here..just visited ur blog unfortunately….but its great to read abt ur work….”nattu pattru konjam irukku”…gud work done….continue ur writings…if possible do keep n touch @…take care…

  2. Anonymous permalink

    its nice … came to know about u from your blog … keep writing

  3. With the financial equity markets down I guess gold and debt market is going to have one hell of a time .. your mom is right (I guess old wisdom always helps ) ..

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