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A surprise weekend

May 24, 2008

I gave myself a surprise gift this weekend, thanks to my Mom – I AM IN PUNE. I wouldnt have believed if someone had told me 48 hours ago that I would be in Pune at this time on this day. Come to think of it, till 9 pm this Friday, it didn’t even occur to me to come here.As I told my mom that all my friends are getting together at Pune this weekend, my mom suggested that may be I should go too.

What started as an idle thought, was no longer idle and I was actively searching for tickets and taking prints of the tickets. Vijay helped me with the idea by offering to pick me up from airport and keeping it as a secret from the rest of the gang.

Five twenty in the morning of Saturday, there I was in Deccan flight, Chennai airport, barely believing myself, yet extremely happy that I am going to meet the friends of two years. These were the people I related most to for first two years of my “independent” life, the colleagues of my first company, the friends whom I fought for, fought with, cared for, loved in loads, confided and lived with like one large single family. My roommates Lalli, Aarti, Sukan, the link from college, dear old Mals, the guys Vijay,Viswa,Guru, Shankar, Sahoo were all in one place, for what could sadly be the last time, in our “single”lives.

As I entered their home, thanks to the perfect secret keeping by Vijay the “comrade in arms” for this mission, I was delighted seeing the reactions I wanted to see. I was delighted to feel the things that I felt for these people.

What I felt the most was the sense of security that I got, realising that the distance had no effect on these relationships, just as any good relationship should be.

How I spend these 30 hours in Pune, is not what will matter to me in future. What will matter, and I know this for sure, is that I did come here and the fact that I did come mattered a lot to me ! (and these friends for whom I came)

I feel like saying “Happy days are here again”, but unfortunately, we are only reliving temporarily a part of the 2 years of togetherness. We have to say our farewells,I know, but the wish of farewell brings along a wish of meeting to check on how well we fared.

I am sure we would keep watching out for each other!

“Pirivom Sandhipom”

“We part but we will meet”


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  1. Aarti permalink

    I think that was an awesome write-up… beautifully summarizing what all of us feel….

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