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April 30, 2008

Yes! I admit it- I am cricket handicapped. So?
Don’t roll your eyes so soon. I can watch cricket and clap when six and fours are hit. I know men in blue are Indians. I know Sachin,Dhoni, Ganguly,Sreesanth and the most happening Harbhajan.
But don’t ask me things like “Operationally define – a good cricket bowler”.
This happened in my Business Research Methodology paper. The idea is to give a vague word, which you have read in papers and myths(:P); words like Media skepticism, good cricket bowler, workaholic, and ask us to explain the concept behind it and its operational definition.
My Professor thinks it is a clever way of testing our understanding of the words “concepts” and “operational definition“.
For lay people like me, who are too bored to go to the wikipedia link:
Concept is a generalised idea about a class of objects,attributes, blah and blah that has been given a name. Essentially some idea about something.
Operational Definition is even better: It is a concept in measurable terms.
Now, coming back, I know good bowler takes lot of wickets. He doesnt give runs. (So I am not bad at cricket eh?)
But – How do I know what is measurably good?
100 wickets in month? 6 runs per over? what?I have heard of economy, but I know it even lesser than I know about economics

Worst of all, this is being graded. I call it discrimination against the “cricket disabled”

People who want to protest with me, raise hands!

P.S. My Ops Prof goes ahead and keeps a lecture on Operational Model of IPL. I cannot attend it as I dont know a word of Ops, or IPL. When will they understand the pain of Cricketing Muggles like me!(Sob..Sob)


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One Comment
  1. Sriram R permalink

    “Kumble is the best bowler in the world, even if he doesnt take a single wicket in an entire series. It is about the pressure he maintains in one end, wickets fall in the other” – Stephen Fleming

    None of your operational definitions will uphold this.

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