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Nameless Him – For Totally optional prompts.

April 18, 2008

He stepped on and bowed, and tripped and fell
The crowd laughed, who could tell-
That the fall was genuine, the pain was from within,
He became the clown before the part could begin.

He carried on, with his knees bruised and pained,
But he was never praised, unlike a soldier maimed.
His life was in turmoil, no one knew it outside,
For he was laughing, must be a jolly man inside.

It is an irony that he had colorful dresses to wear,
The dresses that he couldn’t show to his blind mother,
Who would not be proud to see them any way,
He was a clown, a shame which she couldn’t nay.

For years, he was the master performer-alone he lived,
The young trapeze artists did what their parents did,
For now he was the star clown -(still unmarried by the way)
This was to be his life with no retirement day,

He was old and humbled by the age’s wizening lessons,
But for the kids who came to see, he was one of the dozens,
Even now others laughed as he tripped and fell down,
But this time he fell, he never got up- the poor old clown.

P.S. For people who dont know TOP, go here


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  1. Aareet permalink

    sad, yet appealing.

    Lovely rhyme.

  2. Felicity permalink

    nice work 🙂
    very interesting choice of topic.

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