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To do or not to do?

February 4, 2008

This is for TOP whichI discovered through Felicity. Since anonymity is the blessing of internet, here goes nothing..This week’s theme is a mystery thriller!

Some people said that this is a criminal mistake,
Some said that you should care what the world thinks.
Some even said that this is a murder by all means.
But then I didn’t stop- I was too immature to listen.

Then I grew up and thought that I wanted to stop doing it.
When there is no rhyme or reason, why even go with it?
Sometimes what is sense to you seems criminal to others.
That is when I stopped and put myself behind the bars.

Then I broke free, because I went mad without my weapon,
I decided to do it again, to bring justice to the world’s men
Now I am not scared of the laws of the land- but I am
Scared of the newly hesitant fingers and the shaking hand.

What is music to me is murderous scream to someone else.
What is painting to me is bloody mess to someone else.
For someone, my work is my claim to shame, not fame.
For me it doesn’t matter – A poem by any other name.


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  1. gautami tripathy permalink

    Welcome to TOP! Keep writing!

  2. Very nice mystery entry…beautifully told.

  3. paisley permalink

    oh i love it!!! very clever…

  4. anthonynorth permalink

    We are newcomers together. I liked this very much.

  5. tumblewords permalink

    Oh, so very clever! Great!

  6. SweetTalkingGuy permalink

    Well said! It looks like you’ve written it right to me..

  7. Fiery Ice permalink

    Thank You!

  8. Revathi permalink

    TOP work!!! Keep it up!

  9. Fiery Ice permalink


    Thank You

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