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Look beyond my physical existence…

January 6, 2008

Almost every woman, in the course of her life, undergoes abuse. Hey, dont get me wrong, I am not a feminist. But I am anti male chauvinist and anti physical abuse. There are people who think, “Why the hell does she even come to do MBA? They are going to land up in kitchen five years down the lane? These people are just doing it for the heck of it”. Some have even openly admitted these thoughts to me. I have seen articles that go on this line of thinking too.

Though my post this time, is not about women and MBA, I just cited it to show the stereotyping that goes on in this country at this growing phase. Though I had not replied when that person told me that I was going to land up in kitchen after five years, I just felt that, “Even after five years, I will be facing people like you, so I better learn to ignore the hecklers who cant come out of the shell of thoughts they are in”.

Having said that, I will return to the main stream of this post. Lots of blogs have written about this abuse of women in Mumbai on New Year’s Day dawn. Does that even sound human that 70-80 people pounce on 2 women and grope them? This is not the first. Here is more.

“I fell into the ditch by the side of the road. I called out for help. Some strangers helped me to my feet. On the pretext of taking me to safety, they moved me to a corner, surrounded me and started pawing me. It lasted for over ten minutes. They had their hands inside my jeans. There were so many men. I couldn’t fight them off. They went off only when the cricketer’s bus, which had been stalled, moved on carrying the mob with it.” -Front page report in Times of India Sept 28, 2007

Alright, these are all physical abuses, add to it the innumerous incidents in buses and trains and theatres and roads and gullies. Then there is verbal abuse. Innumerable incidents yet again.

What I wonder mostly is that, what drives these men to do all this? They have to have any kind of woman contact in their life, sexually? Where is the normal peer to peer treatment women expect as against this biased outlook of being the “weaker” sex? I had a period of time in my life, when I believed that education is all that is needed. I have grown out of that.

How much should women have to fight to be treated humanly? Why should it be a woman’s responsibility to protect her “modesty” against perverted looks? When is it that men will look at the mind that is behind the face which is above the cleavage?

P.S I am not accusing every man of this. I have met the other kind too and I thank them for what they are.
P.P.S My arguments are especially directed towards people who cant accept women’s mental capability and people for whom woman is just the FIGURE to ogle.


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  1. Sara permalink

    very true…animal instincts seem to be stronger than sensibility,humanity in some guys…some.
    And the stereotyping…to see beyond it, it takes some thinking & consideration right? how many guys really care to exert their minds so much?

  2. Sriram R permalink

    it takes a civilisational input into men to set this straight.
    How many of us are ready to regard the memorial in Mt. Abu as a symbol of National Disaster, much bigger than Jallianwala Bagh?
    It is the input from the inherently aggressive civilisation (masculine character of the society as a whole) that has sowed the seeds of this oppression. And it is the duty of the non-aggressive civilisation build on three pillars of Dharma, Karma and Yoga (feminine natured) to set an example(cannot preach anything to those from the other kind)

  3. Ruchi permalink

    i think u said correctly … now a days apart from physical tortures which women are facing since ages, they also have to face mental tortures because now they are working. They have to face comments like they can’t do this or that or even if they do they can’t compare with men. Now when they have come out of the four walls of home they are more open to both types of threats but is it because of this reason or because of mentality of men that women are meant only to do household jobs or to satisfy their wants. They call them modern generation men but their thinking is still of medival ages and victim is women …

  4. Fiery Ice permalink

    When men cant think women as a more than as a physical object, how can they think of women as a mentally equally or more capable person? That is perhaps why jokes like “I have never seen an intelligent woman or UFO” keep circulating.
    Well, we women have something men dont have – wisdom to seperate chaff from grain!!

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