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Look back at 2007

December 24, 2007

The New Year is here. Before we start with a blank slate, here is a quick look into the past one year. Just so I don’t forget.

As with all the years, this year was a year of events. And turning points. The best thing about this year is the MBA. I took a decision, which with some other decisions I have made so far, and more that I might make, was a life changing one. I am happy with the decision I have made, but some questions are yet to be answered.

This year can be split into two halves; The first half was the last episode of Pune and the second half was the beginning of a new episode in DoMS, IIT.

About the first half, I have left behind a great gang of people in Pune. It may seem absurd, but the gang that I had thought will not be my kind of people, actually have been the best set of people to live in Pune with. I am glad I met them there. I thoroughly enjoyed the first six months of 2007 with them and I miss them terribly.
About the second half of the year, some things worth mentioning are, the great crowd of people I have met, yet another batch of extremely unique people. I believe in learning something from every body I meet. This batch of MBA and the 2008 batch, together seem to be a great lot to learn from.
Moving back to Chennai, after two years of work in Pune has felt a bit like retardation, but then again Chennai is my home town and I am glad to be back. The absence of monthly pay check does not seem real, even after 6 months.
The 6 months of college seem to have fly past me. Lots of learning to do in the 1.5 years left, that is the only thing I grasped from this six months. And these six months I have metamorphed. I can’t find the Shuba from the first half, but I like this avatar too.
Several things have happened in the college period which I cannot actually pen down. Then again, it would suffice to say, learnings and more learnings.

Apart from this, several things have been happening in the outer world too.
Mrs. Prathiba Patil got the honour and privilege of being the first woman President of India (I am not sure if that privilege alone can be the reason for election though). The stock market has been on a crazy bull run period. Oh Yes! The subprime crisis became a part of my lingo. Narendra Modi wins the election again. Taslima Nasreen is in news again and again and again and again.
Then again, so many things keep happening and we remember the most sensational ones.

So what is 2008 for me? Mystery. …Waiting with open mind and open heart…
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


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One Comment
  1. Sriram R permalink

    note the difference between obvious and news.

    Modi winning was obvious. others were News

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