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Future of my past and past of my future…

November 19, 2007

The winds blew westward and cold air wrapped me like a blanket. Late in the night, I walk towards hostel, grumbling about late night team meetings. At the turning near CCD, I felt someone was just behind me, closely watching and following.
I turned back and found myself. It was me, two years ago, fresh out of college, into the company.

“Hi”, I said. “Happy now?” asked my past. I began”Naah! I have to work so hard. No time. Too many subjects. Exam every month. Always group assignments. Un co-operative team members. Can’t understand a word of the professors….”
“Just Shut Up!! I am so happy, just out of college, earning my own salary now,content and happy that I am done with my education and I hear that I go ahead and join MBA. You drag me back to school, and I am not atleast content in my future? What are you doing to my future?” she rambled.
I was embarassed. “Hey! Sorry Buddy! I forgot how colleges are. I thought this would be different and cool…” Without a reply, she vanished. I turned to go and was face to face with – ME.
And which of my past is this, I wondered. Before I could ask, she started, as if talking to herself, “One year into a job! Impossible! What kind of job is this? No application of mind. No salary benefit. Poor appraisals. What am I doing? I need a change soon.” I interrupted, “Err.. I am you- one year later .. Do you know I am doing MBA?”
She grew bright, ” Awesome! Atlast! Something meaning ful.. What I wanted in college final year! You know I attempted CAT in final year. Of course you would know! Silly Me!! Great. New opportunities. Challenging future. Knowing that I will be doing something I want to is such a reassuring thought. By the way, the place looks great, IIT Madras eh!!Not bad.. in fact, great!”
I wanted her to stop a while, into my hostel, but I could not say a word, she had gone..

I began thinking. There are two different pasts, where I had been unhappy with what I was. Here I am, cribbing about doing something, I always wanted to do.I am doing something, which will hold me in good stead in future and was what I believed I should do. Is there a lesson here? Are these pasts telling me that I had been always doing the right thing, without actually knowing that it was helpful, only grumbling about its difficulty?”
I paused a second, then continued walking. There was a bounce in my step. I need to talk to my future now.


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  1. Ruchi permalink

    Very nice story …. i think it is applicable to all of us somewhere .. in some manner .. never satisfying attitude .. in present we think our past was better and our future will be better … never wants to live in present and when that present becomes past .. it is again beautiful and we want it to come back …

    Nice way of presenting ..

  2. abhi permalink

    I think it was more of a emotionalpredicament and the sound of breaking shackles from a past relationship.

    You can never come out , unless u come out.
    Actually the same happenned to me when some newcommer asked in the hostel “where is the exit?”

    I quipped at myself and said there is never an exit.

  3. mayank permalink

    nice one buddy

  4. Fiery Ice permalink

    This is not just about the “not satisfied about the past “attitude.. It is more about thinking that things are never what it the present …

    I cant understand why you applied it to relationship


    Thats all?

  5. nice

  6. malathi permalink

    good creativity!!! i think we should all think abt our work life now and then.. then we’ll start enjoying the hectic life here;) wat say???

  7. Fiery Ice permalink


    Absolutely!! Life is much bearable that way 🙂

  8. icy fire permalink

    Nice one shu… esp since we do the cribbing quite often and are disillusioned so many bloody times in a single day !!! good perspective… like the style too 🙂

  9. Felicity permalink

    awesome post. 🙂
    and everyone can relate to it which makes it even more awesome – because even though people say that you won’t have doubts of any sort when you are doing what you love, the truth is that living your dreams is almost always as hard as attaining them. 🙂
    and you totally nailed that point in the post. 🙂

  10. Fiery Ice permalink


    Atlast, your presence in my blog!

    Anyway thanks for the generous comments…

    People never accept they have doubts once they do what they always wanted to do.Most believe it is a sign of weakness..But weakness lies in not finding the solution to their doubts, isnt it?

  11. Sriram R permalink

    do adequate postmortem. do not make it too elaborate, if you, then you run into the risk of turning into my kind(a seeming pessimist) 😛

    idhe thaan oru Periya mahaan sollirukkaaru
    “If you do not succeed, you run into the risk of failure” – ????
    isnt that an obvious guess, who that Mahan was?

  12. retarded permalink

    Good one! the style is captivating…

    We create similar thoughts.
    Are we from the same brain factory?

  13. Fiery Ice permalink


    I guess we are, that is what most probably the gelling factor between us two is…

    I know the mahan very well

  14. Kirtan permalink

    Very interesting. met your future yet? tell me how it went. 🙂

  15. Fiery Ice permalink

    I have been trying to meet with the future. The time machine is a bit stuck. Oiling it !!

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