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TV Channels – Some innovate and some just evade….

November 11, 2007

After so long, I was watching television. Yes! I was home.

Some channels seem to be going places and some seem to be stagnating or perhaps even going backwards in their viewability.

First was a program called “Neeya Naana” in Vijay TV. This program is a debate show where there are people supporting two sides to a topic sitting on opposite each other. The moderator, one Gopinath, does the balancing act wonderfully. More than anything else, what I liked about the program was the concept design. Every time a serious facet of the topic was discussed, the next thing to be discussed or done would be a ice breaker between the two sides, so that the antagonism doesn’t build up.
The other thing I liked was the kind of natural conversation building up after moderator warms up the topic. He doesn’t interfere too much, maintains a third person view when talking, and doesn’t cut people to give his insights. Vijay TV seems to be the Tamil Channel where good innovations are coming up and being grabbed up by the rest of the channels. Good improvement from the people who just showed dubbed and remade Hindi serials.

Then later, I was watching Times Now. The program was a feature on a child who was born with extra limbs and internal organs and treated by doctors successfully. They were covering the lack of privacy because doctors publicized the issue to media. They were saying the doctors were insensitive. Ironically, the clippings they showed were of the media clicking on as the parents and kid were posing after the surgery etc.
I was wondering that what they were doing – covering the kids and doctors and then talking about MEDIA invasion.

Okay, agreed it was for highlighting the issue. At last, what they said was that the next day there was a surgery of two kids with joined heads, hoping they would receive the privacy they deserve. Ironically, they were showing the two kids playing in the home with the face not hidden. What kind of hypocrisy is this?

Then they dare to ask the public, if such cases should receive the media glare!!!

Then again, I am not to be surprised considering the way news channels are.


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  1. Sriram R permalink

    i havent read this post on Neeya Naana fully,
    but IMO, Neeya Naana is tv marketing of insanity and dumbness of the public.

    ppl deliver bullshit without realising that the entire state is watching you, just to get applause from their supporters just bcos they are their supporters 😛

  2. Fiery Ice permalink

    I was focused less on content and more on the way it is conducted

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