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Crazier than usual

October 23, 2007

Rains are here..The season which makes my heart warm..The season I crave for bajjis..The season my heart goes Hmmm…..The time when I am crazier than usual…

I want to walk alone in rain for long distance.. Singing in the rain..Dancing in the rain..The problem as alwez is time..and I will find time..

The best gift someone can give me now is a bowl of maggi and a book on an ease chair…and tea at regular intervals..Hmmmm

P.S. Sorry cant resist from a rain post…time and again…


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  1. TheCruisemaniac permalink

    echuch me…

    This the remba over!!!

    Dancing in the rain… Just dont get spotted… Paavadai saamiyar kadhai aayida pogudhu… 😛

  2. Fiery Ice permalink

    Overa pesa padaadhu

  3. Sriram R permalink

    bowl of maggie, easy-chair, tea in regular intevals – my suggestion: “Hire a Husband” 😛

  4. Fiery Ice permalink


    LOLzz..the process is much simpler…Hire a robot 😀

    Husband may become disturbance. 😀

  5. Sriram R permalink

    husband, a disturbance to you? avalavu deiryasaali naat’le irukkaangala?

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